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» Injected mix of bone-augmenting agents causes new bone growth in mouse jaws
25/08/16 07:00 from Dentistry News From Medical News Today
Researchers centered at Tokyo Medical and Dental University(TMDU) deliver a protein/peptide combination using an injectable gel carrier to promote bone formation in mouse jawbonesTokyo - The...

» Colorectal tumors exacerbated by mouth microbes
10/08/16 16:00 from Dentistry News From Medical News Today
Bacteria commonly found in the mouth can travel through the bloodstream and use a sugar-binding protein to stick to and worsen colorectal tumors.

» Study: Recording selfies while brushing teeth can improve oral health care skills
12/08/16 07:00 from Dentistry News From Medical News Today
Recording smart phone video "selfies" of tooth-brushing can help people learn to improve their oral health care techniques, according to a new study.

» Watching cartoons could help children overcome anxiety of dental treatment
08/08/16 12:00 from Dentistry News From Medical News Today
Watching cartoons through video glasses during dental treatment could help lessen children's anxiety and distress as well as reducing disruptive behaviour, according to a randomized controlled...

» Investigators chart microbial ecology of gingivitis, periodontitis
15/08/16 12:00 from Dentistry News From Medical News Today
Gingivitis, a common and mild form of gum disease can progress to periodontitis, a more serious infection that damages the soft tissue of the gums and sometimes even destroys the bone supporting...

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